mercredi, octobre 25, 2006

Google Pages : just try it

Here is my Google Pages sandbox :

PS : you can also try by your own at
(need a Google / Gmail account first)

lundi, octobre 23, 2006

About Privacy and Search Engines...

What Is #Privacy: "Pound Privacy" is a campaign to create the first standard for search engine query privacy. The implementation is fairly straightforward: If you append the phrase "#privacy" at the end of a query on any search engine or site search, your query should not be tracked by IP or cookie, and should not be made public in keyword tools. It is that simple.

mercredi, octobre 04, 2006

Un club Informatique en alsace

Voici le site d'un club informatique sympa sur Gresswiller (Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France) :
Leurs activités de formation déstinées aux particuliers sont complètes et nombreuses.

Voici leur site Internet :


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