lundi, février 26, 2007

Le premier serveur de Google (1999)

Exclusif, le premier serveur de production de Google, composé de cartes-mère de PC...
Le modèle avant celui-ci avait un chassis réalisé en pièces de Duplo :D

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jeudi, février 08, 2007

Steve Jobs now Anti-DRM addict

Apple Inc. and its famous co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs have decided to stop putting DRM on Itune's music tracks.

You can read this article to know more about this great decision :

Now I can buy an Ipod after laugthing about Microsoft Zune :D

mardi, février 06, 2007

Clavier OLED / OLED keyboard Optimus - Artemy Lebedev

See that geek stuff, it rock !!

A keyboard with OLED keys, which allow you to display what you want !!!

Great :D

jeudi, février 01, 2007

Beryl for Linux : the future of GUI

Beryl for linux is an amazing Windows Manager which provide breakthoughts visual effects.

Here is the website of this great project :

Just try it ;-)

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